Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day + Final Exam Mode

Hurm... same mcm tajuk entry kali ni... Just 2 wish my mum, Happy Mother's Day... I love u a lots... Mama ada kat umh Acu arini, Acu buat kenduri doa selamat 4 his sis yg nk g wat Umrah bln ni. Aku pun x sure bila tarikhnye my aunt akan ke sana. She will go with her officemates. Hope aunty pergi n balik ngn selamat. Jangan lupa bwk buah tangan dr sana. Hehehe... One more thing, next 2 weeks, i'll have my final exam for my finel semesta here... Huhu... Very da scary. Takut x pass jek. But hopefully leh pass all da subject cause i'll be on practical next month. This one is also scary. I'll learn how da actual working environment. Will do my pactical at Atarek Kamil Ibrahim & Co at Wangsamaju n stay with my kakak sedara act x reti translate in English, so tibai jek la... Hahahaha... For now and onwards, i'll try to update my blog everyday if i can lah... Sbb bila tgk org lain pny blog sntiasa b'update, it makes me jealous k... Hahahaha... So, aku akn try update everyday if I can.... That's all la... Nk mandi jap... Mlm ni pas mkn, nk stdy. Exam is just around da corner.... B4 dat, i wanna share the pic of my beloved ones...


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